Friday, 30 April 2010

How Online Biz Changed My Style Of Living

The word ‘online biz’ simply means businesses/programs that generate income on the internet. It has been around for years and it is growing, developing and hence diversifying. You would agree with me that a lot of people from different facets of life have benefited from online biz ranging from passive income to huge six figure income. And no doubt I am no exception.

Now where do I start from? Okay, late 2008 was when it all started for me. I was browsing through a career website looking for vacancies relating to my course of study (chemical engineering) when I stumbled upon an info ‘How To Earn Taking Surveys Online’. I wondered what it meant because I have never heard about it. I contacted the writer, bingo the rest is history. Now I am a full time interpreneur. Prior to this, I was in the street or should I say labour market searching for job, writing exams and interview. Still spending the little money I had on transport fares.But then, after I started with online surveys I made a couple of dollars I used to acquire other online biz products/programs which I discussed below. Though I fell for some scammers with fake programs in my quest for a 100% legitimate biz online.Eventually I got it alright, I can now live the kind of life I have always wanted with money I make from online programs like;
1. Online Surveys
2. Google Adsense
Though I am not saying I earn a six figure income from these but at least I am comfortable now financially. I will discuss each of these biz in details for beginners to at least understand that online biz are real and they should be a participant not a spectator.

This is one of the cool ways to make online revenue with no start up capital. This is a fast and easy way for sites to make money by displaying relevant, text based, un-obstrusive ads from google adword (Google’s own advertising program) and receive a share of the pay-per-click payment. Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online from informational sites even if there are no obvious affiliate programs.

Google adsense is a process whereby google places their adverts on your website/blogs. When people click on those ads an amount is added to your adsense account. Do not ever make the mistake of clicking those ads yourself or telling your friends to click them for you! Between 9th and 15th of every month a cheque is slipped out in your name and sent to the address you registered with. If you don’t have the resources for a website, you can start up with blogs which are free to get and use.In my next article I will discuss how I started blogging and the ways I drive traffic to my blogs to increase my adsense earnings. I really recommend this online biz for beginners. It has really helped me
This is another good online biz program. Surveys are prepared questions in objective forms basically design to know your mind. All you are expected to do is choose an answer from the given options. You must give your honest opinion, valid and useful. There are lot of companies online that are ready to pay you money just for you to tell them how you feel about their products. Majority of them are free to join though some might be sensitive to your locations. Nevertheless, I personally view those online survey sites that require you to pay for membership as SCAM. . Partake in those survey sites that are free to join.
It is a good program to start making your income for those individuals who wants to be involved in online biz

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