Friday, 30 April 2010

Earn From Buying And Selling Blogs/Websites

It has been in existence for long and many people have been making money from it while large number of people have not been making from it, maybe because they don’t have deep knowledge about the biz or based on the reason that is best known to them and this is the reason why I want to put you through so that you will be smiling too.
Buying and selling of blogsite is one of the packages which I am doing and the experts have realized a lot of money just doing this. The major reason why I want to give out this package for free is just to help the “JOBLESS GRADUATES” out-there because some of them cannot even feed themselve 3times daily not to talk of buying any package on internet so, try to spread the news of this opportunity so as to help one another, guess what?, I have over some biz packages to give to you guys for free just to help the “JOBLESS GRADUATES” so, to benefit from these “FREE PACKAGES”, always check this site and in the next 2weeks your story will change for better. To start with, read all the steps carefully from A-Z and apply them as instructed. I don’t deny the fact that there may be some other ways of transacting this biz but, the following steps are the ways by which I transact.
1.) BUILD A BLOGSITE WITH A DECENT AND MEANINGFUL NAME: Many people have been into this biz for long and they have not been making money just because they built their blogsite with “ANYHOW” name, your blogsite name should be the one that covers almost all the aspects of biz/money or that can be traced to a particular biz e.g or , the first one covers anything money while the second one can be traced to “MANUFACTURING COMPANIES” producing different types of products and because of that there will be a kind of competition in buying your blogsite through which you will maximize profit.
2.) OFFER YOUR BLOGSITE FOR SALE: This heading would be divided into 3parts:

c.) WHERE CAN I SELL IT WHEN CAN I OFFER IT FOR SALE: After you might have built your blogsite, it is now left for you to decide on when to sell it and when to sell it will be determined by “HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO SELL IT”, If you want to sell it between the ranges of “$200-$300”, you can offer it for sale immediately after building the blogsite but, if you want to sell it at the rate of $1000 and above , you will have to run the blogsite for at least “1 month” to get some traffic before selling it. HOW MUCH CAN I OFFER IT FOR SALE: Part of this question has been partially answered in the above explanation but, what I want to add to it is that whenever you want to “QUOTE PRICE”, always quote “a higher and reasonable price” because they will still beat the price down during negotiation but it shouldn’t be too high to make it reasonable. WHERE CAN I SELL IT: This is the problem that many people are facing in this biz but guess what? I will simplify everything for you with the help of GOD. We have so many websites through which you can sell your blogsite, some require “PAYPAL ACCOUNT”, some require “MASTER CARD” while you can sell your blogsite on some WEBSITE and you get paid through “WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER” without you having paypal or master card so, to sell your blogsite, visit “WEBMASTER-TALK.COM”, “WEBSITEAUCTIONHUB.COM”,”MARKETPLACE.SITEPOINT.COM” and you can also join some forums such as “RANDOMCHATTER.ORG”, “OFFWALK.COM” and place your blogsite for sale for free. In Conclusion, make sure you follow the instructions step by step and GOD will see you through . In case you need a blogsite, kindly go through the contact information below the site and get me informed.

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