Sunday, 18 April 2010

How To Generate And Increase Earnings With Email List

Do you know you could be making more money from your business if only you knew how.You probably feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels, trying to master Internet promotion. You’ve learned about search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, PR, banner ads, link exchanges,classifieds, web design and email marketing.
You may even have spent more money than you wanted, buying,advertising. Or you’ve purchased courses on how to do Internet marketing and you’re overwhelmed.
The problem is there’s an over abundance of information about marketing on the Internet. The majority of it discusses how to drive traffic to your web site and make the sale.If you follow that advice and just drive more and more traffic to your site you’ll never achieve the success you truly deserve.The reason is that you’re missing the most important statistical information that will make your business a success.When you apply this information to your sales strategy you will radically change your results.But if you want to change the results of your business, it’s not enough to just know the statistic. You have to act upon it; put it to work. So let’s get going!
Do you that the numbers of sales you made greatly depends on the number of times the prospect was contacted? If you are simply driving traffic to your site without follow up you might be losing 98% of your sales.It is no wonder you are not making the money you should be making.
Many small businesses are not focused on email marketing due to the online gurus. Most emphasize the need for web traffic to the exclusion of all else. These experts talk about driving traffic to make sales with little mention of email. I, however, contend that traffic alone is not good enough.These are some essential reasons to use Email for follow up.
1) Email follow-up saves you money
If you have access to the Internet you can send off an email without spending a dime. You can even automate email follow-up with prospects for practically nothing. How many business tools allow you to communicate and followup
with multiple prospect for free or very little cost? Making phone calls has an expense. Sending letters by postal mail has an expense. Driving to meet prospects face to face has an expense.Email is an incredibly cost effective tool for your business.
2) Email follow-up saves you time!
Sending out email to prospects and customers is quick and easy. How long does it take to compose an email message
and hit send? A minute, two maybe? And if you have pre-set email messages being sent out by autoresponder, responding by email is done automatically.When you want to send out a newsletter or update to all your
customers at once, email makes it simple. You just write the message, put it into your emailer and hit send. That’s it.You’re done.Just think about the amount of time it takes to make a phone call, send a letter or attend a meeting. Email is so much faster!
3) Email follow-up saves you hassle!
Email takes the headache out of staying in touch with prospects and customers. With an email autoresponder, you setit and forget it. You put the follow-up system in place once and then you’re done. Your business follow-ups on auto-pilot! And remember, follow-up is critical to sales. The stats show only 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact. While 80% of all sales are made on the 5th - 12th contact.With email autoresponders you avoid the nightmare of constantly trying to remember to follow-up using other communication tools like the phone, letters or meetings. Imagine the time it would take to use these methods for follow-up.
Email just makes doing business easier!
4)Email follow-up is appreciated
Email is easier for both you and for your customers. Email saves your prospects and customers time and money as
well. There is a reason why email is the most used tool online. In fact 92.5% of the US Internet-using population
checks email on a regular basis.We all like it.When you reach out to your prospects and customers using
a communication tool with which they’re comfortable you get better results.
5)) Email follow-up makes you sales.
Sending helpful and/or informative email regularly to your prospects and customers builds credibility.Your email list of subscribers becomes accustomed to hearing from you.They come to know, like and trust you. Your email communication establishes a relationship with subscribers upon which sales are made.
With these,your subscribers become familiar with you,develop an obligation to purchase from you,remove barriers to doing business,subscribers are given multiple chances to buy.

Email is an incredibly powerful and effective tool.

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